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Get your (AT)
Aerotow Rating


Aerotow training is $120 per lesson

(includes 1 tandem flight with a certified instructor

and ground school for an additional $40/hour)

Many variables effect an individual and the number of lessons it takes to

get the aerotow rating... what takes one person 4 lessons to be signed off

with the Aerotow rating may take another person 10 lessons.  Therefore

we cannot promise you an overall price it may take to get your Aerotow rating.

We are a United States Hang Gliding Association (USHPA) certified school and

have instructed numerous pilots in getting their Aerotow Rating (AT).

​Our tandem aerotow training combined with Central Florida’s weather conditions

and breezes from the Atlantic and Gulf meeting over the state

allows you to reach your goals rather quickly without sacrificing safety


​Our flight park also hosts educational mentored events, like the GSSK

(Green Swamp Sport Klassic), to help you prepare for flying in a competitive

environment and foster cross-country (XC) skills. We also host the

Wilotree Park and Paradise Airsports Nationals competitions.  These are

flatland aerotow competitions and part of the U.S. National Hang Gliding

Championship Series. The competition is for Open, Sport, Swift, and

Rigid wing classes. The competitions are typically in April or May

with the GSSK being prior, usually in March or April. 

In order to compete in the competitions you need to have your

aerotow rating and be proficient in aerotowing in all conditions.

What is Aertowing? ....

Aerotowing is a method of launching where the glider is towed to altitude

by an tow plane, in our case, a Dragonfly or Trike.  Training involved to

get your Aerotow rating is done with our tandem hang glider, The Monarch.

The set up is different than during a Discovery tandem flight for non-pilots. 

You, as the hang gliding pilot, are now on the bottom with one of our certified

hang gliding instructors being on top.  Being on top allows the instructor to teach you

the safe and proper aerotowing technique while you get to be in control of the glider.


When you are ready to do a solo aerotow you will rent one of our

hang gliders.  The hang glider, unlike the Tandem hang glider, will be supported

by a cart for initial take off roll and released once airborne.

After your solo flight, upon landing, we will use one of our ATVs to bring

you a cart and fetch you and your hang glider.  This allows you to

land anywhere in the flight park giving you total freedom and piece of mind over

where you land at Paradise Airsports. What could be easier than that?

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