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About Us...

Paradise Airsports is an active grass strip airport and flight park located in Wilotree Park in Groveland, Florida about 40 minutes from Orlando and Walt Disney World.



During a Breakfast Fly-In event

Our mission at Paradise Airsports

is to create a premier location to

enjoy the sport of free flight along

with other outdoor activities.

Hang Glide Miami creator, hang glider pilot and instructor Eric Williams, along with two close friends

who are also hang glider pilots, David Lopez and Alex Trochez, purchased the property, now known

as Wilotree Park, back in 2017 from a Groveland family who had owned the property since the 1880s.

Originally the airstrip and several hangars were built to serve their crop-dusting business.

David Lopez, Eric Williams, and Alex Trochez

In 2018 Eric, who has been hang gliding now for over two decades, had taken over the park formerly

known as Quest Air Soaring Center at Wilotree Park.  In 2019 Paradise Airsports, the new home

of Hang Glide Miami, was born but all the while aerotowing had never stopped.  Paradise Airsports

is an aerotow flight park located in the beautiful 150 acre Wilotree Park in Groveland, Florida. 

Wilotree Park is a multi-use adventure and agri-tourism property about 28 miles from

Walt Disney World, 40 miles from Orlando International Airport and within day-trip

range of many other fun spots in central Florida.​

Eric developed some of the property, naming it by using a combination of parts from their last names,

which became Wilotree Park.  He added an RV and camping site complete with a catch and

release fishing lake. ​He also renovated one of the hangar buildings into an office and

Clubhouse with modern guest suites, rooms and social lounge/game room.

​Paradise Airsports is regarded as one of the best known places in Florida to fly.  

Breezes from the Atlantic and Gulf meeting over the state in combination with staffing

top-notch instructors teaching in a safe and controlled environment, makes for

epic hang gliding!  A lot of “famous” hang gliding pilots, in the world of hang gliding,

not only fly at Paradise Airsports regularly, but some reside here at the park

for part of the year.  Throughout the year and during hang gliding race-to-goal competitions

Paradise Airsports hosts, pilots come here from all over the world to fly their hang gliders. 

The now symbolic bell still resides outside the Clubhouse at Paradise Airsports. 

The pilots would ring it when they wanted to fly.  It may not be used today

but that doesn't stop the continuous flights daily! 



Paradise Airsports has 5 Moyes-Bailey dragonfly light sport aircraft on the premises,

with one being owned and operated by its creator and designer Bobby Bailey.

​Our professional flight staff work hard in this weather-dependent industry to insure

you receive the type of experience you expect and deserve when you sign up for

one of our adventures.  With this type of attitude, we will get you to your desired altitude!

It will be an unforgettable flight experience and an adventure

that will have you coming back for more!

David, Eric and Alex - the 3 owners purchased quest air SEPT 24, 2017.jpg

So come fly one of the best flight parks in Florida!
Trusted by novices and professionals alike,
pilots travel from                                to fly here! 

all over the world

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