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About Us

Flying is our passion

Paradise Airsports is the new center of Hang Glide Miami, in the heart of Central Florida! We have been teaching this amazing sport for over a decade and our mission is to share the wonders of the sky with all people.

"No one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him. It inspires confidence at once."

Otto Lilienthal, The Flying Man, McClure’s Magazine, September 1894

Pilot Services

Paradise Air Sports is a Membership Flight Park, and any Certified Pilot can join. With a membership you will receive privileges and benefits that make hang gliding more enjoyable, convenient, and economical. And whatever you’re doing at Paradise Air Sports – soaring among the clouds, relaxing in the sun, or dipping in the pool – our ground crew and office staff will strive to give you the service you deserve as a hang gliding pilot.

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