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Come and fly with us at Paradise Airsports!

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Feeling bogged down from
life and current events?

Come fly at Paradise Airsports
where your dreams grow wings
and you expand your horizons

Paradise Airsports offers the sky in a

variety of ways to anyone with a taste for adventure!.

You are in control of your flight

 experience and can make it as

       peaceful and relaxing


  exhilarating and adventurous

               as you want!


           It's all up to you!


…this is a sport in which anyone

of any age can participate.

This isn’t an elite sport, and it is a safe

sport with an instructor on a tandem flight. I have

taken my 3-year-old grandson up on a flight, and

I’ve also gone up with a 93-year-old man.

~ Eric Williams

Co-owner of Paradise Airsports,

hang glider pilot, certified instructor, and

former member of the U.S. Coast Guard.​


We cannot fly tandem flights with anyone weighing over 250 lbs* due to safety reasons.  *We will weigh you in the office for an exact weight.

Also, we are a weather & wind dependent technical sport and even what seems like a beautiful, sunny day can be unsafe for hang gliding. 


So please call ahead of your reserved flight time to verify optimum  flying conditions for a fun and safe flight!

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When you take a flight with one of our certified instructors or pilots, you can rest assured that your safety is our #1 priority.

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Personal cameras, phones and video cameras are NOT permitted on any flight.


BUT... we offer an

using our GoPro for only...

*You are purchasing the microSD/SD card from our GoPro which captured your flight so you can share your experience with family and friends...documented bragging rights!



When you call to reserve your flight, just ask our

staff to add-on this awesome package!

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Paradise Airsports Tandem Hang Glider, "The Monarch",

is used for Discovery fun flights, training to become a

pilot, and for Aerotow Rating (AT) training.

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Need a place to stay for you and your family while flying here?

  • Primitive camping - no electric

  • RV hook-up (30 amp with water)

  • Clubhouse room or suite rental

Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights
Dragonfly Flight April 2021 - Knut

Dragonfly Flight April 2021 - Knut

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Dreadlocks in a Flat Spin

Dreadlocks in a Flat Spin

Play Video
"BOBBY BAILEY" Takes me for a spin in his Dragonfly

"BOBBY BAILEY" Takes me for a spin in his Dragonfly

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